Your account may be suspended if you fail to meet our community guidelines. While these are extreme cases, the Trust and Safety team will contact and work with you to make sure you have all the information necessary to have your account successfully un-suspended.

What can I do to have my account un-suspended:  

If you account has been suspended, you will be alerted by a banner when you log in. Your first step if to make sure that you take time to read our community guidelines. This is our one stop for everything related to content and policy.

The Trust and Safety team will always send you an email to discuss next steps, make sure you check your emails on the address directly associated with your Starflow account. If you have the wrong address on your account, please update it and reach out directly to

From there, we ask that you start working on your page within 45 days. This is not a defined deadline as we understand that this process might take some time. In other words, we will happily keep working with you for as long as we are communicating and know that you are actively working on your page.

What happens to my paid content and my fans?

As part of our strong commitment to funding the emerging creative class, we don’t delete any paid content. Your content and any subscriptions will simply be paused for as long as it takes for you to work on your account. Please make sure you take time to inform your fans once the Trust and Safety team has made your page public again.

Is there an appeal process?

If you believe that the Trust and Safety team made a mistake while reviewing your content, make sure to answer their email and send them evidence supporting your claim.

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