The Starflow cryptoeconomics are divided in two layers. A B2B layer on a blockchain (StarCoins) where all transactions between the value creators, external companies (called Brands), all types of participating value and service providers are conducted. The Blockchain layer, with all its benefits, will increase efficiency, enable international reach without remittance, cutting costs and saving time. Brands will use StarCoin based on an ERC20 Token to reward and pay creators for their achievements in brand endorsing activities. Creators will get paid in the network with StarCoins as they create value in cooperation with brands. In the process, not only will the creator receive the payment faster, but also cut layers of unnecessary middlemen, insuring significant increased efficiency and resulting in improved, measurable value creation. Partners, service providers and other value providers will also be paid with coins for their contribution and value creation in the ecosystem. Brands who would like to run campaigns with Starflow creators would have a discount by doing this on our platform, which will drive traffic and demand for the StarCoin. Only brands or creators will use StarCoin as payment for campaigns and services. Consumers on the other hand, will use ProtoStars, an off-chain payment solution which handles instant micro-payments inside the Starflow network. ProtoStars are exchangeable with StarCoims at the rate 1 StarCoin = 1000 ProtoStars. Creators will earn ProtoStars, as consumers will use them to buy and access premium content, merchandise and other experiences in the network. StarCoin is an ERC20 Token, which will be traded on exchanges like Etherdelta, etc. ProtoStars are not ERC20 tokens and will only be available to trade inside the Starflow network.

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